Size Guide

Here is our measurement form. These are body measurements that we use when designing our products. If your size is between two sizes, we recommend that you go for the larger size if you want spacious clothing. If you want more tight sitting clothes, go for the smaller size. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Unisex body measurements

Size (cm)  XS  S  M  L  XL  XXL
 A Body height 168-175  173-179  177-184  181-188  185-192  188-195
 B Chest width  85-90  91-96  97-102  103-108  109-114  115-120
 C Waist  73-78  79-84  85-90  91-96  97-102  103-108
 D Butt  88-92  93-98  99-104  105-110  111-116  117-122
 E Inside legs  84-86  87-89  89-90  89-90  91-93  91-93
 F Arm’s length  58-59  60-61  62-63  64-65  65-66  66-67

How to measure

 A  (Body height) Your total height measured from the floor to the top of the head. Without shoes.
 B  (Chest width) Under your arms and around your chest
 C  (Waist) Around the waist where your belly button is.
 D  (Butt) Around the biggest point of the buttocks
 E  (Inside legs) From the crotch to the floor.
 F  (Arm’s length) From the end of the shoulder to the wrist but the arm slightly in the arch