Born the son of a proud Norwegian fisherman, I screamingly entered this world with the desire to fish in my veins. I have been fishing for crabs aboard the Northwestern, in the middle of the Bering Sea, for as long as I can remember. When fishing in these harsh environments, it is essential to be able to keep your body mobile, warm and dry.

This is why my team and I have combined the best from technical fishing and leisure clothing and created the Northwestern clothing line. This clothing line is developed specially to keep your body dry and warm from the inside to the outside, in all kinds of harsh weather.

The clothes have excellent stretch, are comfortable and designed to assure good mobility whether you are hiking, fishing for crab in the Bering Sea or skiing in the Norwegian mountains.

So far, our collection consists of shell jackets and pants, fleece jackets, wool sweaters and cotton hooded jackets. We are, however, continuously working to create new, exciting products.